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Being Old-fashioned

A  bookshop
should be just that
and not a toy store
Or a cd rack

The contents thereof
should have pages to turn
Even dog ears I tolerate
but no, not Kindles

Moon-walking in a gym
while we live on the earth
A new maxim
on the planet of our birth

Festivities unmarred
by texts on the phone
a thing of the past now,
a norm overthrown

Parks replaced
with parking space
A hundred families
Vertically placed

Choices too many
and therefore none
Channels aplenty
reruns of a rerun

New gadget arrives
old one’s thrown
Keeping up with the times
compulsions of our own

The rusty, dusty mind
sometimes desists
Being old-fashioned
these changes it resists

Not ready to be at par
With the race, in the race
The old-fashioned mind
and its imaginary place