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Label Design.

Marrying colours with Constellations: Constellations have a mystic feel to them. They are intriguing drawings in the night sky and are believed to affect our moods and functions in ways unknown to mankind.

For a candle brand of a high-end home furnishings store (Tulips), we used different constellations with respect to the colour they represent in zodiac references.

Since the candles are sold only in the store, the Tulips identity is minimally present, only on the underside label; giving each candle a distinct name and design based on a constellation while bringing together the entire collection visually and thematically under one family.

Red: Dorado | Orange: Phoenix | Yellow: Auriga | Green: Opiuchus | Blue: Aquarius Indigo: Delphinus | Violet: Cepheus | Grey: Cassiopeia