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Guru, a friend, sent me a list of books recently which were high on ‘SQ’ and thought that the same should be ‘sublimated.’ Some of them were Fritjof Capra’s The Tao of Physics (1976), Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet (1923), W Somerset Maugham’s The Razor’s Edge (1944), James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecy (1994) and Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi (1974). Not knowing what ‘SQ’ meant and what he implied by ‘sublimated,’ I asked him. Below are two of Guru’s replies from our exchange of emails, what he has written is truly food for thought:

Hi Vai

Sorry for late reply just came back from Hyderabad.


SQ refers to Spiritual Quotient. It is proven that SQ matters most compared to Emotional Quotient (EQ) , Creative Quotient (CQ) and Intelligence Quotient (IQ). IQ occupies the bottomline of this quotient pyramid.

These are the books , that really transforms a person, that’s why I referred to sublimation from form to formless thinking (metaphor: camphor). From information to knowledge to wisdom to truth.

My thoughts w.r.t to these books:

There are certain attributes linked with being Spiritual or involved in Spiritual thinking and it is totally independent of any religion. I am just exploring what are these attributed involved with Spiritual Thinking or being Spiritual. Some of the attributes  are Empathy, Reflective meditation, search for System Harmony,  attachment and detachment at will, cosmic connection. The list is vast and the search is still on.

There are many question that are arising:

1. Is the human race evolving from primal reactive animal instinct to responding human instinct to a more harmonious reflective system species   OR  it is just a cycle going back to basic animal instinct.

I feel both reactive animal instinct and harmonious system species are good that respects nature’s law. It is only the intermediate stage which is causing all the chaos.

I think as designers it will be of help in understanding the whole , if we know the what phase of evolving stage we are in.

Most of the ads in Europe target the animal instinct part of humans that which can create the craving and hence leading to purchasing at any cost. India too is following the trend. This might not create a healthy economy.

The products and communication has to be designed for a Healthy Economy….

ok..  just wrote as per the flow of my thoughts and it went somewhere 🙂

I think you have read the book the man who moved Mt Fuji. It is also a good one. Your mail just triggered my thoughts
Will reflect more and organize my thoughts

Cheers! Have a good Day 🙂


Maati 🙂

There was a great lady Hazel Handerson who died in recent years who spoke about “Love Economy”. It talks about the bottomline of any transaction should be based on love for business to survive in current scenarios. But this is also one element of the Healthy economy that I was referring to.

The system gets changed and new perspective emerges and hence all the activities including design associated with that changes, the moment we see the interconnected harmony existing within the ecosystem. This is what the Avatar movies spells out. But the movie has not captured many other aspects probably due to some constraints.

“The maximization” approach followed by the present day driving industries is leading towards many emerging problems right from rich-poor disparity, merciless crimes, unknown new diseases, sense of insecurity and loneliness, sense of dissatisfaction even after amassing huge wealth, business-oriented but not human values-oriented education, intelligence and  merits are measured  based on amount of exploitation one can do, shallow weak bonds and networking done only for a selfish interests, plastic and materialistic economy etc which does not bother for future generations and which does not bother to give something back. If just the perspective changes from “maximization” to “Harmonization” then with no span of time all the breath-choking problems will melts into a fresh air, leading to an energetic living. The exploitation becomes empathizing, intelligence measurement becomes spiritual measurement, weak bonding becomes inseparable souls, pain becomes peace and bliss.

And Designers have to lead the revolution in changing this perspective through their DESIGNS. Rather than design for consumerism let us design for love, wellness, harmony and dedication.

thank you Maati for triggering

thumbs up 🙂