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self-repairing robot

The robot cut a slit in its own arm with its own metal fingernail, then pushed some buttons on its chest. The slit zipped itself up. All silicon–no metal visible.

‘See?’ said Annie with barely disguised smugness. ‘My robot can heal itself.’

Swar the robot nodded.

Kedar was not impressed. ‘So? I can do that too. I heal myself all the time.’

Swar the robot looked politely confused.

‘And how?’ asked Annie.

‘Well… I may not be able to heal that fast, but I do it all the time. Even you do it. Everyone does. When I scrape my knee, bruise my elbow, when I get an ulcer in the mouth… I kindasorta repair myself.’

Annie rolled her eyes.

‘What?’ Kedar smiled. ‘You know it’s true.’

Swar the robot nodded.

‘But you don’t do it yourself. Nature does it. Whereas, my robot repairs him—itself.’

Swar the robot nodded.

‘You don’t do it consciously, anyway,’ finished Annie.

Swar the robot blinked.

‘And your robot does?’ asked Kedar.

‘Well, it is programmed to do so.’

‘And who programmed it?’

Annie looked annoyed. ‘I did. You know that.’

‘And who programmed you?’

‘No one. I am a conscious, sentient being.’

‘And I am a robot?’ asked Kedar.

‘No. You too are a conscious, sentient, being. Also, you are annoying.’

‘Q.E.D. sister,’ said Kedar. ‘I heal myself. And, I also don’t cut myself simply to prove a point.’

Swar the robot nodded.