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…that led people here. (And according to me, which posts they might have ended up on).

1. why poets write poem diagonally
I do not know. I am not a poet, though I often try to be one. Must have led the searcher to the home page. Or maybe here.

2. save our planet paulo coelho
Isn’t it like everybody’s responsibility? Why single out the poor chap?!
Must have led to this.

3. jeera goli pills what do you do with
Why, eat them of course.
Posts: The Joy of Churan

4. lady scooters in india
Didn’t know they made scooters with specific genders.
Posts: Wincing in the Rain

5. vaidehi patil maratha
Someone was curious about my caste, which to their disappointment was not confirmed on this page.

6. scooter lady feet scraping
I feel for you, searcher. My pet peeve too. I hope you saw this.

7. rape treta yuga
Why oh why?! Can’t imagine why someone searched for this, though ‘treta yuga’ may have led them here.

8. why konkanastha brahmins behave so weird
I would like to know as well, in spite of being (almost) one of them.
Posts: Raavan-dahan, Boston Brahmins

9. essay on proudy ravana
Here’s one hidden in a story: Raavan-dahan.

10. how can we make borkut of amla
The same way you make orange juice from apples…
Post: For the churan-minded.

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