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…that led folks to my blog. (And according to me, which posts they might have ended up on).

1. meerkat with burnt roses picture
Um, why?
Post: Had I been a meerkat

2. 10 examples of speech bubbles about of grandfather
I’ve no clue. Maybe because this post has the word ‘grandfather.’

3. graphic design planet earth
Wow, looks like I might just be contacted by a Pleiadian client.
Posts: Design

4. human lookalike meerkat
Um, what were they trying to breed?
Post: Had I been a meerkat

5. biting junction logo
Sorry, no vampire stories here.
Posts: Identities

6. horrid humans
I really hope the one who searched for this did not end up on my About page.
Posts: The murder of Aral: now we have another ‘Dead sea’ , Sublime

7. is mukhwas good for you.
Of course it is.
Post: The Joy of Churan    

8. лавразия
Can’t read Cyrillic. But Googling suggests it’s got something to do with tectonic
Post: Plate tectonics: far-apart continents

9. my son only draws distorted shapes
Is he a toddler?
Post: The distorted rickshaw

10. punjabi drawing on scooter
Like, a Punjabi sitting on a scooter and drawing or a Punjabi’s drawing on a
Post: Wincing in the Rain

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