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Curse of the Arabian:

She’s not a city
but a greedy mound of maggots
gnawing and growing
on a limited sliver
of decaying flesh.

From a century ago, they will tell you,
much land was re-claimed from me.
To justify the claim of re claim,
one would want to see,
if the seven bits were ever connected.

I can tell you, for I was born
around the time
of Gondwanaland.
They had never been her’s,
those extra pounds of flesh
she put on proudly
for the worms to thrive on.

Stolen from me.
Not re-claimed as they say,
no sir.

She deserved the curse-
Uttered in the forlorn days
after I got over the shock
of having been shaken and shirked away
by the creeping city
and her maggots.

Now she slowly decays
graying in my spray
she half-drowns when my friend
mocks her in the rainy days
she burns in the sun, the smog,
under the many wheels she harbours.

and it might be
only a few more years,
maybe months, maybe days,
before I re-claim,
what was mine
from the city
I once loved.