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Had I been a meerkat
I’d have been a glad one.
Standing stiff on two slim legs,
tail stretched across the sand,
perpetually curious,
with buddies in a row-
A row of lookalikes
and dolphin smiles.

I’d stand quite a bit,
Neck taut, front legs tucked close
With black beady eyes
and supremely sensitive ears
Alert for a roar, a growl, a camouflaged pattern
Or a hiss, maybe a rattle,
perhaps a long neck punctuating the regular landscape.

I’d watch the line-
Where blue and green merge
I’d turn my head
Every once-a-while
(for exercise).

I’d chew scuttling scorpions
And resume my watch
While my mates guzzle a millipede or two
And resume theirs

But mostly
I’d stare at the horizon
For hours and days
(you get the idea)
Till the colours change
Or the grass’s direction,
or the mass of bovines,
or canines,
and felines,
and vulpines.

I’d look forward
To nothing and everything
All at once
And be one happy meerkat
(along with other happy meerkats)
If I was one.