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When asked about their favourite colour, do most people think of their colour preference in clothing before answering? What other reasons can there be for one to call a particular colour their favourite? How can an individual’s nature be linked to their colour preference?

I usually state my favourite colour as greenish-blue.. mostly because it makes me think of plants, greenery, seas, nature and stuff.  Most of my friends said they think of clothes before answering the question. Living space and accessories is a dominant factor too. A fellow graphic designer thinks of the eyedropper tool in photoshop/illustrator software every time he is asked. Some go by elimination, arrive on their favourite colour by not liking the others enough. Many say that their favourite colour is the one that ‘cheers’ them up.

A colleague said any soothing, tonal colours work well for him. I know this colleague is a peace-loving soul and somewhere I expected him not to say red, which he didn’t.  Am I the one who is prejudiced regarding colour connotations or is he the one who’s unknowingly biased? Another reason given by people is  ‘a colour that suits their personality’ is the one they like best. Some think a particular colour is ‘lucky’ for them, therefore favourite. Few people associate fav. colours with brands. Another common reason to choose colours is the emotion it signifies.

It is futile to ask graphic designers as almost all say black, white or both (ideally, we should be loving all colours equally :p). I guess profession is another factor.

One cannot think of colour in isolation, it has to be seen in a context (yellow sunshine, honey-coloured labrador retriever, red t-shirt, green plants, black hair, blue sea, brown chocolate, purple sweater, pink socks…). Different contexts at different points in time form the basis of one’s choice. But the fact remains that most people think of clothes.. 🙂