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Roald.. I idolize two great people who’ve been in this world who share the name, both Norwegian.

Roald Dahl.. is unquestionably one of the best writers we have had, and I am not talking about his stories for children (his short stories for grown-ups are very popular too and one has to read only the first few chapters of ‘My Uncle Oswald’ to get a good idea of Dahl’s wilder than wild quirky imagination).

The other Roald is Roald Amunden, the first person to reach not only the north, but also the south pole. He led the first Antarctic expedition that reached the south pole in 1912 (Also the year Titanic sank.. obviously not related to this). Amundsen was one of the main expedition leaders during the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. Amundsen’s race to the pole with the equally brave British naval officer Robert Scott (for who the expedition proved fatal) is a fascinating story.  As a child, I remember reading it again and again in some book. I couldn’t find it on the internet (didn’t look hard enough) but here’s a wikipedia link one could look at though reading about Amundsen’s and Scott’s historic journey in the form of a story does better justice to their adventurous spirit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amundsen%27s_South_Pole_expedition